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Aryan Kaganof is a project of African Noise Foundation. Kaganof’s anti-art is intimately informed by music, and his interest in music as a filmmaker has resulted in what is the most sustained engagement with music in the medium of film in South African cinematic history. Kaganof donated his documentary archive (including his films) to the Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS) in 2011. At the time, he was also the administrator of a blogsite, the kagablog, that collected and published dynamic contemporary discursive engagements with art, politics and history. Music featured prominently on the kagablog, which for the duration of its active existence, became a valuable resource for artists and scholars. The kagablog was started in November 2005 and ended mid-2018, after which it became part of Kaganof’s archive donated to DOMUS. Africa Open Institute hosts the kagablog as an important open source historical resource for academic and artistic research on South African arts and letters. It is no longer an active blog, will not be added to and comments are disabled. All blog entries are the views of the contributor concerned and do not represent the views of Stellenbosch University nor the Africa Open Institute.

(please note: access to the blog is temporary disabled for maintenance purposes)