Dr Marietjie Pauw Postdoctoral Researcher

Marietjie Pauw holds an Andrew Mellon-funded postdoctoral research position with Africa Open Institute for Music, Research and Innovation at Stellenbosch University (South Africa) for the period 2017–August 2020. She is a visiting scholar and artist in residence at Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies (STIAS), as part of a duo research project with sonic and visual Khoi artist activist Garth Erasmus (October–November 2020). Marietjie’s PhD in artistic research (2015) examined perspectives on interventionist curating in classical flute music concert practice, using geo-political aspects of landscape as lense for curations. She has published articles in Ellipses (online journal), Herri #1 (online journal), Herri #4, Acta Academica, LitNet Akademies, Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa, South African Music Studies, NewMusicSA Bulletin, Perspectives of New Music (forthcoming) and Oxford Artistic Research (forthcoming).

Marietjie has commissioned and premièred many South African flute compositions, and performed on national festivals. With musicians Ilse Speck, and Barbara Highton Williams, she has performed in Ulm, Germany, and Princeton, USA. Since 2015 her improvisatory work with Garth Erasmus has explored openings into decolonial aestheSis, site-specific aspects of music-making, and interventionist curating amidst publics, institutions, art, history and music-making. The documentary films Kreun, (Aryan Kaganof, 2016), Khoisan ghost kreun (Kaganof, 2016), Nege fragmente uit ses Khoi’npsalms (Kaganof, 2018), Suiwer in Blauw (Kaganof, 2018) and Sewe, Joubert Straat (Kaganof, 2019) comment critically and respond artistically to Marietjie and Garth’s music-making. Through collaborating in improvisatory sonic events, Marietjie and Garth explore aspects of socio-politics, music, and technology amidst contingent contexts. Audio pieces of their sonic collaboration can be heard on Greg de Cuir Jnr.’s online exhibition for Media City Film Festival (Detroit-Windsor) at https://mediacityfilmfestival.com/dark-dark-gallery/. 


Mellon postdoctoral researcher musician, Stellenbosch University www.aoinstitute.ac.za [Bio]

Flute coach, Stellenbosch www.johnmanmusiccentre.co.za [Bio]

Visiting residency, https://stias.ac.za/ideas/projects/xnau-xnau%e2%81%80gemp/ [Project]


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