March 2021

      • PhD’s:
        • Angie Mullins, ‘Future-Focussed Music Education: Developing 21st-Century Competencies in a South African Middle School Music Classroom’, Supervisor: Prof. Christine Lucia.
        • Visser Liebenberg, ‘Artistic experimentation through decolonial sound projects for clarinet’, supervisors: Prof. Stephanus Muller & Dr. Esther Marié Pauw.

December 2020

      • PhD’s:
        • Santie de Jongh, ‘Music and Militarisation during the period of the South African Border War (1966-1989): Perspectives from Paratus’, supervisor: Prof. Stephanus Muller.

March 2020

      • PhD’s:
        • Grace Talabi, ‘A study of the music and social meaning of selected choral works from Dayọ̀ Oyedun’s cantatas’, supervisors: Prof Stephanus Muller & Dr Paula Fourie.
      • Master’s:
        • Ashrudeen Waggie, ‘“Its just a matter of time”: African American musicians and the Cultural Boycott in South Africa, 1968-1983’, supervisors: Dr Lizabé Lambrechts and Dr Chet Fransch (History).

March 2019

      • PhD’s:
        • Annemie Behr, ‘Constructing a history from music reportage: Jewish musical life in South Africa, 1930-1948.’, supervisor: Prof Stephanus Muller.

December 2018

      • PhD’s:
        • Wayne Muller,  ‘A reception history of opera in Cape Town: Tracing the development of a distinctly South African operatic aesthetic (1985–2015)’, supervisor: Prof Stephanus Muller.
      • Master’s:

March 2018

      • Master’s:
        • Oladele Ayorinde, ‘Dizu Plaatjies and the Amampondo: Music, Agency and Social Transformation’,, supervisor: Prof Stephanus Muller.
        • Nduduzo Makhathini, ‘Encountering Bheki Mseleku: a Biographical-analytical consideration of his life and music’,, supervisors: Dr Stephanie Vos, Dr Jonathan Eato (University of York) & Prof Stephanus Muller.
        • Kyle Shepherd, Interrogating the own: a practise-based, auto-ethnographic reflection on musical creation with reference to the work of Abdullah Ibrahim, Zim Ngqawana and Kyle Shepherd,, supervisors: Dr Stephanie Vos, Dr Jonathan Eato (University of York) & Prof Stephanus Muller.

December 2017

      • PhD’s:
        • Claudia Jansen van Rensburg, Perspectives on musical strategies of settlement and migration: four case studies from the Western Cape, South Africa’, supervisors: Prof Stephanus Muller & Dr Thomas Cousins.
        • Marc Röntsch, ‘An Anthology of Existence: Explorations into the Life and Works of Christopher Langford James (1952 – 2008)’, supervisor: Prof Stephanus Muller.
        • Jackie Bullindah, ‘Creative processes in generating theatrical music for plays in Kenya’, supervisors: Prof Stephanus Muller & Prof Emily Akuno (The Co-operative University of Kenya).

March 2017

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