• David Marks and 3rd Ear Music Catalogue (in Process)

  • Roger Lucey Catalogue (in Process)

  • Darius and Catherine Brubeck Catalogue (in Process)

  • Ben Segal Catalogue (in Process)

  • Ben Segal Book Collection Catalogue (in Process)


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Playlist of the Month from the Hidden Years Music Archive

Our sound archivist, Pakama Ncume, has selected the featured playlist of the month. Listen to it here.



Dancing in the Dust: The Mix-Tape Collection of Ben Segal

Music-streaming services are fast becoming the primary technology for everyday music consumption. We listen to more artists than ever before, and making playlists is a quick and easy way to collect and organise our music. How were playlists made before



The Ben Segal Collection Arrives

On 8 November 2013, the Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS) took the decision to preserve the estate of the late Ben Segal, who died at the age of 83. A music collector of note, Segal left behind a large collection


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