• David Marks and 3rd Ear Music Catalogue (in Process)

  • Roger Lucey Catalogue (in Process)

  • Darius and Catherine Brubeck Catalogue (in Process)

  • Ben Segal Catalogue (in Process)

  • Ben Segal Book Collection Catalogue (in Process)


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David Marks Digitisation Project

Throughout his life and career in South Africa, David Marks collected a range of materials that documents popular music experiences in South Africa. This includes fanzines, programmes, concert tickets, set lists, photographs, posters, newspaper clippings, letters and diaries. In order to kick-start this process and make the material available for use we launched a seven-month digitisation project at Marks’s home in 2016. The digitisation has been concluded and the materials are currently being processed before it will be uploaded online.

Project Coordinator: Lizabé Lambrechts
Project Team: David Marks, Oladele Ayorinde, Chris Stewart, Lionel Wentzel, John Rolt, Gabriella Brandao
Project Funder: Volkswagen Foundation Duration:
First Phase: April – October 2016
Second Phase: January – October 2017

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