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The Andrew Mellon Michael Mosoeu Moerane Critical Edition

Prof Christine Lucia

This Edition is complete, and if it were not for coronavirus would have been launched in May 2020 at Stellenbosch University. The wonderful work done by Research Assistant Mpho Ndebele in translating Moerane’s texts was finished by the middle of 2019, the typesetting of Moerane’s orchestral work in Sibelius by Post-Doc Fellow Marc Röntsch was also completed last year, as was some of the choral typesetting by PhD student Mokale Koapeng and Masters student Kgaugelo Mpyane. To all of them, profound thanks for your hard work.

Christine Lucia finalised the Edition over the past year. It runs to more than 600 pages and includes 51 scores, 51 historical introductions, and 51 critical commentaries, as well as a Catalogue of Moerane’s works and a General Introduction to the Edition.

Masters student Zayne Upton has continued working hard to create the right conditions for the whole Edition and the resources associated with it on the website of African Composers Edition: https://www.african-composers-edition.co.za.

Samples from the Edition will appear here on the AOI site as a ‘featured image’, as and when the 51 works are uploaded on the ACE site.

Prof Christine Lucia – project leader since January 2016

Mrs Mpho Ndebele – Research Assistant July 2016-July 2019

Zayne Upton – Masters student since January 2017

Kgaugelo Mpiyane – Masters student since January 2018

Mokale Koapeng – Doctoral student since January 2018

Marc Röntsch – Post-Doctoral Fellow 2018

Cara Stacey was also on the team briefly in 2017, as transcription assistant, and Ignatia Madalane was on the team in 2018-19 as a prospective doctoral candidate. (To you both, sincere thanks.) Here’s a photo of the team in early 2017: L-R: Mokale Koapeng, Christine Lucia, Zayne Upton, Ignatia Madalane, Cara Stacey, Kgaugelo Mpyane, and Mpho Ndebele.

The research team held several capacity building workshops. The first was in February 2017, in Cape Town, the fifth and last was in Seapoint in April 2018. After this, individual members of the team worked on their own, under Christine Lucia’s supervision. Three of them were also committed to Masters and Doctoral work that took time and energy away from the Edition itself.

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