Lindsay Friday


Lindsay Friday received her bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in December 2021, and her master’s degree (cum laude) in Musicology in March 2023. Her master’s research, conducted at AOI, focused on the online intersectional persona curation of South African popular musician, Toya Delazy, and employed a digital ethnographic approach. She was supervised by Dr Marc Röntsch and Professor Willemien Froneman. Lindsay’s work focuses broadly on popular music, digitality, and identity discourse. As of 2023, she manages AOI’s social media.


Lindsay’s PhD research will study the Pam Devereux-Harris archive collection, stored in DOMUS, which houses some of the earliest music videos to be produced in South Africa. The audiovisual content within the archive spans from the 1980s to the early 2000s, providing insight into the music industry during pivotal moments in South African history. Furthermore, Pam Devereux-Harris & Associates ventured into the international market and worked with numerous prominent South African musicians. The resulting archival material has the potential to add detail to the country’s history of the music industry, as well as to further illuminate the impact of the cultural boycotts. Lindsay will research the collection using an interdisciplinary approach, with perspectives taken from musicology and media studies.