AOI Sonic Residency is an intensive and experimental, research residency programme. It offers freedom of creativity and an inter-disciplinary environment, in which musicians, dj’s, theorists, artists, composers, writers, broadcasters, designers, selectors, film-makers and critical thinkers, can develop ideas and work on sound-related projects, over a period of 4 weeks.

Sonic Residencies support art’s role in changing how and under what conditions knowledge is produced, communicated and archived in societies reflecting African worlds. Artists-in-Residence are encouraged to explore contemporary conceptual frameworks and histories of Pan-African thought, audio cultures, philosophies, and aesthetics.

Artists-in-Residence are accommodated in Stellenbosch or Cape Town, and have access to a modest studio space and Stellenbosch University library facilities and research archives. AOI’s post-graduate cohort will make open introductions to networks of scholars, musicians, artists, producers, publishers, club culture and public life.