ABOUT Sonic Residency Programme


AOI SONIC RESIDENCY is an intensive & experimental, research residency programme. It offers freedom of creativity and an inter-disciplinary environment, in which musicians, theorists, artists, composers, writers, performers, producers, designers, dj’s, film-makers, broadcasters and critical thinkers, can develop ideas and work on sound-related projects according to their own agency, over a period of 4 weeks.

Artists-in-Residence are encouraged to incorporate into their Sonic Residency, conceptual frameworks that engage with African thought systems, explore Pan-African audio cultures, philosophies, aesthetics and languages. Sonic Residencies support art’s role in changing how, and under what conditions knowledge is produced, communicated and archived, in societies reflecting African worlds.



The four-week Sonic Residency is located in Stellenbosch and environs. Residents are encouraged to explore how their sonic work can develop in relation to the locality in which they are based for four weeks. The section on ‘Sonic Locality’ (on this website) provides fragmentary, and selective visual information on the wider locality of Stellenbosch, beyond the conventional, tourist promotional images of vineyards and white-washed, gabled buildings. In some images on the website, persons are photographed, and their names and/ or stories are provided in the accompanying written observations (accessed when website visitors click on the images). These observations that accompany the images acknowledge some of the historical, political and social aspects of embodied landscape and the flows of agency between place-space-sound-music.

Monetary provision is made for travel, subsistence, and Residency research-production. Artists-in-Residence have the choice to be accommodated in Stellenbosch, or arrange for alternative options, for the duration of their 4-week Residency. Sonic Residents will have access to a modest studio space and Stellenbosch University library facilities and research archives. (Regrettably artists’ fees are not provided.)


Public Interventions | Public Conversations

The Sonic Residency programme creates a space for public conversations and artistic interventions and experimental encounters in public life. Artists-in-Residence are asked to present a colloquium to the Stellenbosch University’ broader research community; and create a performance-based or dialogical public intervention during their month-long Sonic Residency. Artists-in-Residence receive a modest research- production grant to support their research and to realise their live public intervention, which can take the form of presentation, performance, publication, recording, installation, exhibition, conversation or provocation, to name a few modes of contemporary artistic practice.