Garth Erasmus is a visual artist and musician working in the realm of free improvisation and sound experiments with self-made instruments based on Khoisan knowledge systems.

Garth Erasmus writes the following to describe his research focus: There are two strands to my creative life – music and visual art. My aim during this residency is to bring together these disciplines into a single multi-medium project that develops and takes shape over the duration of the residency. This project will culminate in a book publication in collaboration with book-artist Heléne van Aswegen and, in this context, the book publication functions as an art work in its own right and will be shaped as a retrospective of my visual art and music. During the course of the residency I want to establish a series of live music-making workshop sessions with musicians at Africa Open Institute thereby investigating the nature of improvisation. These sessions will be recorded for inclusion in the book project whose form and shape will be determined in ongoing collaboration.

Garth Erasmus