Kayamandi & Enkanini

Regarded as only suitable for “Black People” under apartheid’s racialized and divisive laws, Kayamandi translates from isiXhosa to English as “Nice Home.” This neighbourhood dates back to 1921. It is called by many names: location, ghetto, dormitory-settlement, informal settlement, shanty-town, and known by residents as Ekasi. Kayamandi stands resilient on the hills of Stellenbosch, and is host to a strong artistic community and the Amazink Venue, a theatre space for live music and performance. It is not uncommon to see the main taxi rank in the neighbourhood become a stage with local talent showcasing performances. Enkanini, situated on the slopes of the Papagaai Mountain is connected to Kayamandi, and has an elevated and picturesque view over the Stellenbosch environs. Enkanini is a self organized community which has been in existence since 2006