Pniël is small town located in the Dwars River Valley, north of Stellenbosch. The town was formed through the settlement of Christian missionaries from the Congregational Church. Pniël is considered to be one of the places where some of the first emancipated workers, held captive under colonial order, resettled. The area is rich in friendly spirit with many individuals welcoming visitors and possessing an enthusiasm to share stories about their position within this community. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and trees, the Pniël museum unpacks the history of the village as a mission station, and provides insight into the community which resides here. With its mystical surroundings, Pniël provides opportunity for historical research and artistic interventions specific to the Dwars River Valley, which can regenerate understandings of contemporary public life and the manifestations of new artistic work. (photograph: Nikel Daniels, Pniël Museum)