Pauw projects

URLS to recent work, sonic, visual and text publication

Africa Open Improvising, member of collective:

Something in Return (online audio exhibition 27 August–27 September, 24 sound pieces improvised by Marietjie Pauw & Garth Erasmus) 2020.

Improvising Khoi’npsalms (article) 2020.

Improvising Khoi’npsalms (article) 2020.

The strain of the voice in Michael Blake’s Umngqokolo (article) 2020. Perspectives of New Music

What do we learn from listening back to Khoi’npsalms? (article) 2020. Oxford Platform for Artistic Research (OAR), Issue 4

Justinian Tamusuza: An African Festivity for solo C-flute, and Michael Blake: Umngqokolo for solo alto flute (audio, compact disc&online, AOI CD 02) 2020.

Trois Pièces pour quatre Flûtes en Ut by Bozza, (audio, Tamássy Flute Hour) 2020.

Gluck, Lovely fields so gentle troubled (audio, Tamássy Flute Hour) 2020.

Alto flute head improvisation (audio, with Garth Erasmus) 2020.

Under my fingers (Busking album, audio, 77’) 2020. Flute M Pauw, Edit P-H Wicomb.

“Die Land”-musiekvideo: Mites en nostalgie (opinion piece) 2019.

Life writing 7 Joubert Street (article) 2019.

Kaganof, Sewe, Joubert Straat (film, 12’) 2019.

Kaganof, Suiwer in Blauw (film, 22’) 2018.

Kaganof, Nege fragmente uit ses khoi’npsalms (film, 21’) 2018.

Reverberations of Poerpasledam (article) 2017.

Musicking Poulenc’s ruins in Stellenbosch (article) 2017.

An African Festivity (article) 2017.

Mapping music and musicking (Paper: SASRIM Conference proceeding publication 2017)

Spirit by Michael Blake, with improvisation, played by M Pauw and A Osborn (video, At face value, SANG, Iziko Cape Town. Video D Osborn). 2017.

Domicilium by Pierre-Henri Wicomb (audio, versions for flute, saxophone and trumpet) 2017.

Kaganof, Kreun (film, 17’) 2016. &

Kaganof, Khoisan ghost kreun (film, 16’) 2016.

Kaganof, Roesdorp naklank (film, 4’) 2016.

Roesdorp (curation, with Garth Erasmus, event documents) 2015.

The flute becomes a gun (article) 2015.

PhD in artistic research through music (dissertation and video links) 2015.

Kaganof, Threnody for the Victims of Marikana (film, 27’) 2014.

Fofa le nna, Two flutes compact disc by M Pauw and B Highton Williams, Die Burger (Wayne Muller, review) 2013.;

Fofa le nna, Two flutes compact disc by M Pauw and B Highton Williams, The Flutist Quarterly (Julie Koidin, review) 2013.;

Fofa le nna, Two flutes compact disc by M Pauw and B Highton Williams, National Flute Association, New Products, 78 (review) 2013.

Incantesimo by Hendrik Hofmeyr (audio on compact disc recording, Fofa le nna) 2012.

Ainsi qu’on oit le cerf bruire by Hendrik Hofmeyr, chamber cantata: Marianne Serfontein, soprano; Marietjie Pauw, flute; Anmari van der Westhuizen, cello; Bennie van Eeden, piano (Hendrik Hofmeyr discography, Sunset Recording Studios/Huguenot Foundation of South Africa) 2002.

Kokopeli by Katherine Hoover and Dance of the Blessed Spirits by CW Gluck (audio booklet Afrimusik Dreamcatcher) 2000.